The deepest diving mammals – TOP 10

Until recently, the record belonged to the sperm whale, a little earlier to the elephant seal. In March 2014, a group of researchers from the Cascadia Research Collective, led by Gregory Schorr, discovered that one of the Cuvier’s beaked whales, monitored by them, was diving at a record depth of 2,992 m (9,816 ft). Another Cuvier’s beaked whale broke a record of being underwater, belonging to the Elephant seal – it remained below the surface of the water for 2 hours and 18 minutes.

The Cuvier’s beaked whales are therefore record-holders in terms of diving depth and underwater dwell time.

The deepest diving mammals – TOP 5

  1. Cuvier’s beaked whale – 2,992 m (9,816 ft)
  2. Sperm whale – 2,250 m (7,382 ft)
  3. Southern elephant seal – 2,133 m (6,998 ft)
  4. Baird’s beaked whale – 1,777 m (5,830 m)
  5. Blainville’s beaked whale – 1,599 m (5,246 ft)
The deepest diving mammals by Paul J. Ponganis, Comprehensive Physiology; Gregory S. Schorr, Et Al. Plos One; Shingo Minamikawa, Et Al. Fisheries Oceanography.



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